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Death Corner In Chicago’s North Side Early 20th Century “Little Hell”

February 19, 2012 Leave a comment
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Less than a mile from Chicago’s famed gold coast is one of the city’s more infamous areas. In an area roughly between La Salle & the river and Division & Chicago was the home of the notorious Cabrini Green housing project and before that it was an slum known as “little hell” populated by Italian & Irish immigrants. In the early part of the 20th century the area was so crime ridden the police didn’t even spend much time there.

It was an area firmly in control of the “black hand” a precursor to the Mafia. They were an organization that offered to provide protection to the immigrants from themselves basically. How it worked was you revived a warning note from them and if you didn’t pay well then bad things happened. And at the corner of Oak and what is now known as Cleveland was the favorite dumping ground for the bodies of victims that didn’t heed the warning. A 1931 report says as many as fifty bodies turned up at this corner.

There were a number of assassins that dumped there bodies there the most famous of them was known as the “shotgun man”. He is alleged to have killed 15 including four within a three day period.

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The 7-10 Split: Death Corner In Chicago’s North Side Early 20th Century “Little Hell”.


Chicago’s Murder Mansion and Capone Tommygun Wipeout

March 31, 2011 Leave a comment

  MindsiMedia has started a new YouTube station called ChiTownView. It’s a long story but we can’t gain access to our OakParkVideo channel so ChiTownView is it’s replacement. We have started a new series of clips of famous crime scenes from Chicago’s past. Here are the first clips:

 H.H. Holmes Murder Mansion Site / The Devil In The White City

While today this spot at 63rd and Wallace looks like an unassuming piece of real estate. But a little over a hundred years ago it was the site of one of the most prolific serial killers . Dr. Henry Holmes owned most of the block where the post office now stands. There was his drug store along with other businesses on the first floor and rooms for rent on the floors above. Through these doors passed his young unsuspecting female victims many of them away from home for the first time.

How many no one knows for sure. Mr. Holmes confessed to 27 murders but the true number could be well over 200. The building was custom built for him and contained a number of unique features including a large kiln in the basement where he buried many of his victims.

His story is one of the central themes in Eric Larson’s bestseller “The Devil In The White City”. The book is being turned into a movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio which should be out next year.

Sarno’s / The Pony Inn, Capone Gang Shoots A States Attorney 1924

Assistant States Attorney William McSwiggin had two sides to him and it ended p costing him his life. By day he was known as a hanging prosecutor who tried to bring Al Capone to justice. By night he was a card player, drinker and all around bon vivant who traveled in the same social settings as the men he prosecuted.

It was late spring in 1926 when he was out for a night of carousing in Cicero with some friends. Along the way the hooked up with the O’Donnell brothers who were well known north side gangsters who were at odds with Al Capone. Al Capone got word that his enemies were out and about in his town he dispatched gunmen to take them out.

They caught up with the group at the Pony Inn on Roosevelt Rd. just west of Central. The Pony was a Capone controlled speakeasy that was run by an Irish mobster named Harry Madigan. Madigan was a member of the renowned Irish gang Reagan’s Colt’s. He would later go to jail for kidnapping and extortion.

Anyway the gunmen raked the group with machine gun fire as they left the club. Three were killed including McSwiggin the O’Donnell brothers escaped unscathed.

Here we present the Pony as it looks today a nondescript place called Sarno’s. Maybe it’s just a coincidence or perhaps things haven’t changed much. Last year Cicero crime boss Michael “large guy” Sarno was sentenced to prison in a case that involved extortion, illegal gambling, police corruption and a bombing. The more things change?

Naked Kiss Film Noir w/ Hookers, Crippled Kids & More! Directed by Sam Fuller

February 24, 2011 Leave a comment
The Naked Kiss is A nasty little slice of action packed pulp fiction from 1964 and was directed by the great Sam Fuller. It’s story about a newcomer to a small town and revolves around prostitution, crippled children, murder, perversion and more. One of the oddest moments is a song halfway through that features a chorus of the above mentioned crippled children.

This is posted in ten parts on our MindsiMedia YouTube channel where you will find all manner of strange and strangely beautiful things. Visit our homepage to link to other parts of or online world.


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