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Death Corner In Chicago’s North Side Early 20th Century “Little Hell”

February 19, 2012 Leave a comment
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Less than a mile from Chicago’s famed gold coast is one of the city’s more infamous areas. In an area roughly between La Salle & the river and Division & Chicago was the home of the notorious Cabrini Green housing project and before that it was an slum known as “little hell” populated by Italian & Irish immigrants. In the early part of the 20th century the area was so crime ridden the police didn’t even spend much time there.

It was an area firmly in control of the “black hand” a precursor to the Mafia. They were an organization that offered to provide protection to the immigrants from themselves basically. How it worked was you revived a warning note from them and if you didn’t pay well then bad things happened. And at the corner of Oak and what is now known as Cleveland was the favorite dumping ground for the bodies of victims that didn’t heed the warning. A 1931 report says as many as fifty bodies turned up at this corner.

There were a number of assassins that dumped there bodies there the most famous of them was known as the “shotgun man”. He is alleged to have killed 15 including four within a three day period.

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The 7-10 Split: Death Corner In Chicago’s North Side Early 20th Century “Little Hell”.

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