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Exotica Dancer Kalantan “Exotic Buddah Dance” – YouTube

January 31, 2012 Leave a comment

Uploaded by on Jan 28, 2012

The exotic dancer “Kalantan” (i.e., Mary Ellen Tillotson) introduces her number as “This is my interpretation of the Exotic Buddah Dance,” & to a jungle beat performs quite well.
To read more follow this link.


Exotica Dancer Kalantan “Exotic Buddah Dance” – YouTube.


The Sultry Sally Rand Fans Your Desire & 1933 Chicago Worlds Fair

May 3, 2011 1 comment

Today we take a break from the corporate takeover of America and serve up some entertainment and introduce you to a couple of our channel. We are located in the western suburbs of Chicago and have a couple stations with a local point of view. OakParkVideo was our first and when we could no longer access that station (it’s a Google/YouTube thing) ChiTownView became our newest station. Anyway here we present a video about Chicago’s 1933 Century of Progress world’s fair.

One of the sensations of this fair was a young lady named Sally Rand who was a dancer who did her work behind a pair of oversized fans. This film and others like it can be found on our SilkSpot YouTube station. It is our sinema featuring vintage burleque and other girlie films.

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