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War News. Protests Rock The Afghanistan & Are Depleted Uranium Munitions Causing Birth Defects?

In the past couple of weeks Afghanistan has crept back into the news and we have had a couple of posts on our 7-10 Split blog. The first report is on the protests and a wave of assassinations of US soldiers have swept the country. It also includes a video on the Russian invasion.  The other report is a fairly disturbing one about potential effects of depleted uranium weapons on Afghan people. This second report includes graphic video of deformed babies.
The 7-10 Split: Blown Away, How the U.S. Fanned the Flames in Afghanistan
The 7-10 Split: Depleted Uranium Munitions Causing Birth Defects In Afghanistan?.

And we have added this video just because people need to see what the consequences of our actions are.

“When bombardments happen, these things happen. People arms and legs get blown up.”


Right Wing Terror Plot, The True Story Of 9/11!!!!!

September 14, 2011 Leave a comment

The dirty little secret about modern  terrorism is that it is a tool used and often caused by conservative right wing forces to attack those that seek peace,  freedom, justice for everyone.  This is true throughout the globe and while the causes that these terrorists might in some cases be lofty the terrorist organizations in almost all cases were created by the very repressive forces they fight.People with honest grievances are exploited by those who want to create fear within a general population.

No better example of this fact can be found than the attacks on September 11, 2001. Here we have al-Qaeda a terrorist organization created by the intelligence services of the US, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. It was a small part of a much larger army of like-minded religious fanatics created by these same organizations to destabilize Afghanistan and then fight the Soviet Union when they intervene. Before the war started in Afghanistan the government had been elected and for a country in the Middle East fairly progressive. After more than a decade of war we helped usher in the Taliban who created a brutally suppressive government based on right-wing ideology.

But once you start a boulder rolling downhill it’s tough to stop. So having created an army of religious fanatics what happens once you’ve achieved your strategic goal? They just aren’t going to fade away.  So most of them went back to their home countries to wage terror against governments they see as repressive.

al-Qaeda was a special case because Osama Bin-Laden came from a connected family, one of the wealthiest in the world. For awhile he took on the Saudi government for its allowing American troops to be based there. Then he was bought off by the government and al-Qaeda became an international terrorist organization who declared war on the US.

A central part of his  war strategy was to induce America into invading and occupying countries in the Middle East.The cost of which would help to destroy our economy. So in the end this right-wing terror organization that we helped create gets it’s victory and the added bonus of helping to cause a right-wing coup in this country that continues to repress individual rights and destroy any socially helpful parts of government.

And the sad thing is that most Americans don’t see, don’t want to know or don’t care because (they think) it doesn’t effect them.

Anyway today we present a broader look at how right-wing terror has been used to justify war. And in the end how it is self defeating

The Decline and Fall of the American Empire / By Mike Davis

“If Sarajevo and the World Trade Center, in contrast, unleashed global carnage and chaos, it was because a de facto collusion existed between the attackers and the attacked.  I’m not referring to mythical British plots in the Balkans or Mossad agents blowing up the Twin Towers, but simply to well-known facts: by 1912, the Imperial German General Staff had already decided to exploit the first opportunity to make war, and powerful neocons around George W. Bush were lobbying for the overthrow of the regimes in Baghdad and Tehran even before the last hanging chad had been counted in Florida in 2000.

Both the Hohenzollerns and the Texans were in search of a casus belli that would legitimate military intervention and silence domestic opposition.

Prussian militarism, of course, was punctually accommodated by the Black Hand — a terrorist group sponsored by the Serbian general staff — that assassinated the Archduke and his wife, while al-Qaeda’s horror show in lower Manhattan consecrated the divine right of the White House to torture, secretly imprison, and kill by remote control.

At the time, it seemed almost as if Bush and Cheney had staged a coup d’étatagainst the Constitution.  Yet they could cynically but accurately point to a whole catalogue of precedents.”

To read this entire post click here.

The Complete 9/11 Timeline / No Conspiracy Theories

September 8, 2011 Leave a comment

For anyone interested in marking the 10th anniversary of 9/11 by learning more about it I recommend the History Commons as a good place to start. Not a collection of conspiracy theories but a well researched timeline of over 6,000 events that made up that day and the trail of events leading up to it.
Or as they put it in their own words.
“This timeline is meant to be a comprehensive resource for anyone attempting to understand 9/11 and the “war on terrorism” in general. Polls show that Americans are extremely uninformed about 9/11. A third of Americans can’t even correctly guess the year 9/11 took place and about half of all Americans mistakenly believe Saddam Hussein had a role in the attacks.

But it is vital for everyone to understand 9/11, what led to it, and what the fallout from it has been. Terrorism directly and indirectly affects our lives in many ways and dominates the political discourse. Those of us working on the 9/11 timeline are striving to boil the news on terrorism down to a reasonable level so citizens can stay well informed.

We strive to be objective and keep any layers of interpretation as thin as possible. If you see specific examples of bias anywhere in the timeline, please point them out so we can make changes. But at the same time, we unabashedly focus on failures, problems, and controversies instead of success stories. That’s because those are the things we need to learn from and fix and hold people responsible for when necessary.

9/11 and terrorism generally are flashpoints for what people call “conspiracy theory.” This 9/11 investigative project contains no conspiracy theories. In fact, it does not offer any theories at all. Rather it simply lays out the facts so readers can come to their own conclusions. Biases may show at times because no human being is completely objective and judgments have to be constantly made; for instance, to include this particular fact or that one when editing decisions have to be made to keep the length down. We rely on each other and ask readers to point out when we are missing important facts or skewing the information.”

To Explore The 9/11 Timeline Click Here


9/11 and the R*ping of America

September 7, 2011 Leave a comment

9/11 and the raping of America
What is rape but the use of fear and violence to get what you want.
Right wing extremists in the United States have been exploiting  fear from 9/11 to use violence to get what they want.
We fight a global war on terror and sacrifice our freedoms at home to support the same kind of failed policies that caused the 9/11 attacks.
At the same time these same extremists have used the 9/11 attacks to expand the debt.
While at the same time reducing the tax burden on the wealthiest Americans.
Creating the huge  budget problem we have.
Then instead of restoring the tax rate we insist that it is the average American that is going to   pay in the form of reduced service   fees/taxes.
We are being raped and then forced to pay for it.
These same corporations have a strangle hold on the government   the media, one and a half of the two parties and most importantly most of the wealth.
The average American gets less pays more and ends up going overseas to die needlessly.

I Remember 9/11
I was on the highway driving up to work in Palatine.
Kids in school now time to go back to work.
Listening to sports talk radio.
They interrupted and the story began to unfold as the planes hit the buildings and the fires began.
I pulled over to  the side of the road because I could hear the bodies hitting the pavement.

Oh the horror!

Then like just now I cried for those poor souls.
It was a nightmare day.
And it was just the start of a ten year nightmare.

Which leads us to Noam Chomsky and in his reflections on 9/11 where he gives us some further background on the kinds of policies that caused the 9/11 attacks.

Noam Chomsky on the Dangers of American Empire and Why the US Continues to be Bin Laden’s Best Ally / By Noam Chomsky

“A number of analysts have observed that although bin Laden was finally killed, he won some major successes in his war against the U.S. “He repeatedly asserted that the only way to drive the U.S. from the Muslim world and defeat its satraps was by drawing Americans into a series of small but expensive wars that would ultimately bankrupt them,” Eric Margolis writes. “‘Bleeding the U.S.,’ in his words.” The United States, first under George W. Bush and then Barack Obama, rushed right into bin Laden’s trap… Grotesquely overblown military outlays and debt addiction… may be the most pernicious legacy of the man who thought he could defeat the United States” — particularly when the debt is being cynically exploited by the far right, with the collusion of the Democrat establishment, to undermine what remains of social programs, public education, unions, and, in general, remaining barriers to corporate tyranny.”

Oceans of Blood and Profits for the Mongers of War

November 28, 2010 Leave a comment

From CommonDreams by Robert Fisk


“Since there are now three conflicts in the greater Middle East; Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel/”Palestine” and maybe another Lebanese war in the offing, it might be a good idea to take a look at the cost of war.

Not the human cost – 80 lives a day in Iraq, unknown numbers in Afghanistan, one a day in Israel/”Palestine” (for now) – but the financial one. I’m still obsessed by the Saudi claim for its money back after Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in 1990. Hadn’t Saudi Arabia, King Fahd reminded Saddam, financed his eight-year war against Iran to the tune of $25,734,469,885.80? For the custodian of the two holy places, Mecca and Medina, to have shelled out $25bn for Saddam to slaughter his fellow Muslims was pretty generous – although asking for that extra 80 cents was surely a bit greedy.

But then again, talking of rapacity, the Arabs spent $84bn underwriting the Anglo-American operation against Saddam in 1990-91 – three times what Fahd gave to Saddam for the Iran war – and the Saudi share alone came to $27.5bn. In all, the Arabs sustained a loss of $620bn because of the 1990 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait – almost all of which was paid over to the United States and its allies. Washington was complaining in August 1991 that Saudi Arabia and Kuwait still owed $7.5bn. Western wars in the Middle East, it seemed, could be fought for profit as well as victory. Maybe Iraq could have brought us more treasure if it hadn’t ended in disaster. At least it would help to have paid for America’s constant infusion of cash to Israel’s disastrous wars.”

A video of  nobel winning economist Joseph Stiglitz on the cost of war.

The Truth About Our True Enemies Told On American TV? Bin Laden, Saudi Arabia & the Roots of 9/11

October 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Dylan Rattigan shows us why he doesn’t have a show anymore when he explains to a somewhat nervous panel about who our true enemies our in the war on terror. It’s not Islam; it’s not Iraq or Iran or Afghanistan. Rather it’s a very small sect of Muslims funded by Saudi Arabia called Wahhabi. They could have been controlled and eliminated years ago. But of course as we all know by now war is a racket waged to make huge profits for the politically connected. Don’t think so? Consider this Saudi Arabia is getting set to buy $60,000,000,000.00 worth of arms from us.

For more on the development of  Wahhabiasm, Saudi Arabia and their ties to bin Laden read on;

Gause said that “bin Ladenism” came from and diverged from Wahhabism in many ways. Bin Laden, he said, adopted the idea of labeling others as takfir and affected social conservatism, especially in the dress and role of women among his followers. Bin Laden, however, diverged from Wahhabism in one important way: He went against the Wahhabi state and established his own political order in al-Qaeda, thus dismissing the prescribed obeisance to Saudi rulers.

“Bin Laden has an international perspective on the challenges to the Muslim world,” Gregory Gause said, “whereas the Wahhabi in the Saudi Arabian ulema have pretty much constrained themselves to what is going on around them.” Part of this divergence comes from din Laden’s experiences in the Afghan jihad against the Soviet Union’s 1979 invasion of Afghanistan.

“The experience of the Afghan jihad,” said Gause, “was central in the development of the bin Ladenist ideological platform and political movement.” In Afghanistan, bin Laden’s ideology was affected by the international nature of the jihad — people from Uzbekistan and Chechnya, Kashmir and Indonesia, came together. The organization of the jihad, Maktab al-Khadamat, later turned into al-Qaeda, according to the U.S. government.

“Afghanistan was a win,” said Gause, “and nothing succeeds like success.” The win propelled the political movement. Not only did Muslim forces drive the Soviet Union out of Afghanistan, but they also helped in the demise of the Soviet Union. This type of rhetoric, said Gause, was an excellent recruiting tool.

On the heels of this victory, bin Laden criticized the monarchy’s decision to allow U.S. forces to base themselves in Saudi Arabia in the 1991 Gulf War. In 1994, Saudi Arabia stripped bin Laden of his citizenship. He relocated to Sudan and London and created the Committee on Advice and Reform; in 1995 he pronounced takfir on the Saudi state for being a tool of the U.S. and Israel.

Since then, bin Laden has switched his critical focus from Saudi Arabia to the U.S. He is believed to be a co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombings that killed six and injured over 1,000 people. In 1998, he co-signed a fatwa against the States. “He takes our democracy seriously,” said Gause. “If you are a democracy then you are responsible for your government.” Thus, bin Laden called upon Muslims to kill Americans because of the actions of the U.S. government.”

Click here to read the entire post.

The Cost of War in Iraq and Afghanistan

October 3, 2010 Leave a comment
Today we present a pair of posts that relate to the financial costs of the war on terror. First we present a link to the National Priorities Project. National Priorities Project analyzes and clarifies federal data so that people can understand and influence how their tax dollars are spent. They also maintain a counter that keeps a running tab of what the “war on terror” is costing us in dollars.
And our second link is to a video posted by Center for Arms Control and Non Proliferation
LivableWorld | January 04, 2008

The Center for Arms Control and Non Proliferation, a sister organization of the Council for a Livable World, presents the costs of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan in U.S. taxpayers’ dollars, U.S. lives, and the lives of innocent Iraqi civilians. Find out more at

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