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Exotica Dancer Kalantan “Exotic Buddah Dance” – YouTube

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The exotic dancer “Kalantan” (i.e., Mary Ellen Tillotson) introduces her number as “This is my interpretation of the Exotic Buddah Dance,” & to a jungle beat performs quite well.
To read more follow this link.


Exotica Dancer Kalantan “Exotic Buddah Dance” – YouTube.


Harry Partch @ Mills College w/ All Female Band

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Here we offer an all to brief look at a live performance at Mills College by maverick composer Harry Partch. He was a man who not only built his own instruments but really did march to his own beat. Mills being a women’s college the instrumentalists making this beautiful music are all women.

There is an excellent web posting about Harry and his instruments on the NPR web site.

I Hide In The Shadows / A Poladoid SX-70 Transformation

December 18, 2011 Leave a comment

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Another in our experiments done on digitized copies of old Polaroid SX-70 photos. I took hundreds over a twenty year period and have recently come across a group that were packed away and forgotten about.

Among other things I took a series of pictures off of the tv as the scenes were changing looking for some cool overlay effects. This animation started out life as a photo named Overlay1. We scanned it up and did a series of edits making adjustments to the contrast in graduated segments with Gimp. Then I impotred the pictures into Adobe Premiere Elements where the resulting animation was produced.

Following that we turned do our soundman Grand for the finishing touces. He went to FreeSoundProject

Where we found these gems:
Xythe / RTS Ghost I hide in the shadows.wav

ERH / Tension

For more Polaroid SX-70 pictures and animations visit our Photo Noir Gallery.

Johnny Ukulele, 1950’s TV Apperance As A Hawaiian Cowboy

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Uploaded by MindsiMedia on Dec 12, 2011

“You Asked For It” was an early “reality” tv show where people would send in requests to see strange things. We posted another clip from it that had a Theremin player on it. In this one a woman from Texas writes in wanting to see one of these Hawaiian cowboys her husband had seen while in the service. This leads to Johnny Ukulele’s spot. He is from a noble Hawaiian family and as a teenager traveled to America to play in a band touring with famed surfer Duke Kahanamoku.

He liked it so much he stayed for thirty years touring the country spreading the sounds of the islands. He spent a lot of the time in the midwest and one of his biggest fans was Al Capone’s brother Ralph who gave a suite in one of the mobs hotels.

Johnny was also an expert swimmer who competed against Johnny Weismuller and Buster Crabbe and others. He cut one lp on Capitol in the late 50’sit wouldn’t be until 1961 that he would finally return to Hawaii. After returning to the mainland he became a fixture in Vegas until his death in 1971.

Johnny Cash A Tommy Gun Toting Killer In “5 Minutes To Live”

Here is a hot little number form 1961 starring the man in black himself Johnny Cash along with Vic Tayback, Ron Howard, and country music great, Merle Travis. In it plays a sadistic tommy gun wielding hood who commits murder, robbery, kidnapping and other crimes. Another fine feature film that is part of the midnight movie playlist on  MindsiMedia’s YouTube station.

In the second half of our double feature we present Johnny  doing two songs from a 1961 television show called Star Route USA.No matter what the credits say. Songs performed are I Wear Stripes & Five Feet High. Vintage country/rockabilly stuff.



Saturday Afternoon At Chicago’s Bluesfest

Chicago was one of the main spawning grounds for blues music. Labels like Chess, Cobra, Checker, Chance, Vee Jay, Alligator and the cities vast number of bars, lounges and nightclubs served as a launching pad for many a bluesmans carrer. With that kind of rich tradition every June the city hosts a great, free, three day celebration of the blues. They close off some streets in Grant Park roll out the food, drink and stages. During the day you can wander between three stages and in the evening they have a main show. Once again all free.

It’s a very enjoyable experience, unless it gets really crowded. The food and drinks are fairly pricey and you have to get tickets and then get what you want. On the other hand your free to leave and come back and since your in downtown Chicago there places to eat and drink everywhere. We wandered off and found a great old school pub called Millers where we sampled a potent beer called Delerium Tremors.

Anyway back to the music I went on an overcast Saturday and saw four acts and enjoyed them all. We have a clip from each of them so sit back and help yourself to some blues;

11th Dream Day, The Doors and Why The Music Business Is Failing, But Still Rocks

I was driving around last weekend listening to the radio kind of flipping around. On one rock station is playing The Doors “Light My Fire”. Great song love it owned many times in various formats but I didn’t need to hear it again right then. So I tuned in the next rock station and it is also playing “Light My Fire”. In fact they were almost at the the same time. It was kind of sad and to ma at least said a lot about what’s wrong with the music business today.

Here we are in the second decade of the 21st century with over fifty years worth of “classic” rock to play and that’s the best they can do? The sad fact is there is very little in the way of new (non popular) music being played on the radio and very little variety of older music. And it’s not just rock music radio does a poor job of representing the vast majority of the music out there.

And the record companies want to blame their failing businesses on downloading. Well sure you can’t fight technology downloading is a big problem for the major labels but they have spent too much time fighting technology instead of finding ways to adapt to it. And then there is the whole fixation on the ear of music from 25 to 50 years ago. The endless remastering, remixing, repackaging, re releasing, regurgitating and replaying of this stuff makes tons of money for the labels and the bands involved. The real threat to the major labels from technology is it removes the stranglehold on distribution they once enjoyed. Anyway.

That was over the weekend on Monday I had another musical experience again it was a transcendent one but this time in a more positive vein, for the most part. It was the opening night for a series New Music Monday free concerts held in Millennium Park in downtown Chicago. On the bill was Bonnie Prince Billy and opening for them was Eleventh Dream Day. A Chicago band that has been operating for almost a quarter century and has just released it’s tenth album.

They don’t do a whole lot of live shows so even though I’ve listened to them since the beginning this was my first time seeing them live. It was an excellent show great to hear some classics played live and hearing the songs from their new release. Drummer Janet Bean broke her ankle the day before. So even though she had to turn her kit over to a replacement for the evening trooper that she is stood on stage doing some percussion and adding vocals.

The weather was perfect and all in all it was a very enjoyable evening. But here’s the rub and the tie in to where I started. On the one hand you have the Doors who haven’t existed in thirty years and still they get more airplay in one day than 11th Dream Day will see in their entire 25 years. And in the end that’s why the music business is failing and it’s for the same reason the larger American economy is failing too much money and power in too few hands. And if the major labels go out of business well the music won’t be going anywhere. Rock on!

I recorded three  songs from Eleventh Dream Day’s  show and have uploaded them to my ChicagoRock1 station. Here is one from their new release “Riot Now”. We present in hopes you will follow the link to their site where can find more music and maybe pick up Riot Now

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