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Alternative View 1980’s Investigative Journalism Cable Show Tells How We Got Here

Alternative View was one of the longest running public access shows in cable history. This muckraking progressive show broadcast over five hundred shows from the late 70’s until the early 90’s. Originating in Austin Texas it was seen syndicated across the country. And while it had no budget and was mostly hosted by Frank Morrow, a dead ringer for Larry David, they covered stories ignored by the mainstream media. Among some of the more memorable shows that you can find here on Mindsi2 are an interview with Ron Paul, former CIA station chief John Stockwells look at our involvement in Afghanistan and a number of stories about the Bush family.

We have collected a number of episodes of Alternative Views on this Playlist. http://www.youtube.com/user/Mindsi2#grid/user/DD33E185C1B35C2B

William Greider on Class Warfare 1992 Interview On Alternative View
In this episode Dr. Morrow discusses “Who Will Tell The People” by William Greider with the shows labor expert Jack Hopper. Mr. Greider’s book was a warning about the dangers of the growing corporate influence on and corruption of the American government. Dangers that we now find were all but true. It was from a time (1993) that we were facing disillusionment with Bill Clinton the previous liberal hope who turned out to be another corporate hack in the end. Here we are twenty years later after an even bigger progressive letdown the administration of Barack Obama we can plainly see that the trends he foresaw have only gotten stronger.

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