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Energy Choices; Fracking (Another Environmental Nightmare) Or The Clean Future of GeoThermal

One of those moments of serendipity where things come together that illustrate two paths when it comes to how we get our energy. And in like so many instances it pits the short-term profits of the wealthy elites and their servant in government against what is better for the average person who wants to see a BETTER world for their children. For you consideration these two stories that I came across on Current TV.
We’ll start with a positive story about how geothermal energy could provide us with ten times the power as what we get right now from coal. Geothermal is a proven renewable resource and is where the country of Iceland gets almost all of its energy.


Geothermal could help replace coal plants in the U.S., so Google backed research

From Think GeoEnergy  written by: lxrichter
“Reported last week, “New research from SMU’s Geothermal Laboratory, funded by a grant from Google.org, documents significant geothermal resources across the United States capable of producing more than three million megawatts of green power – 10 times the installed capacity of coal power plants today.

Sophisticated mapping produced from the research, viewable via Google Earth at http://www.google.org/egs/, demonstrates that vast reserves of this green, renewable source of power generated from the Earth’s heat are realistically accessible using current technology.”
To read the rest of this post click here.


Now for the bad and ugly and in this case were talking about fracking. What the heck is fracking? Here is a small part of what Wikipedia has to say
“Hydraulic fracturing, often called fracking[a] or hydrofracing, is the process of initiating and subsequently propagating a fracture in a rock layer, by means of a pressurized fluid, in order to release petroleum, natural gas, coal seam gas, or other substances for extraction.[1] The fracturing, known colloquially as a frack job (or frac job),[2][3] is done from a wellbore drilled into reservoir rock formations. The energy from the injection of a highly pressurized fluid, such as water, creates new channels in the rock which can increase the extraction rates and ultimate recovery of fossil fuels.”

In short a new way of extracting natural gas that might have some problems like to our drinking water and well it causes earthquakes. Towards that end we present this post from  desmogblog.com about research from Oklahoma and Great Britain that point to fracking causing a series of mini quakes.


Fracking Linked To Earthquakes In The U.S.

by Farron Cousins
“On the heels of yesterday’s report detailing Cuadrilla Resource’s admission that their fracking practices were responsible for small earthquakes in the U.K., new reports are surfacing that link fracking to earthquakes that occurred in January in Oklahoma. According to a new study by the Oklahoma Geological Survey [PDF], fracking is linked to 50 mini-earthquakes that occurred on January 18, 2011 in Oklahoma.”
To read the entire post click here.

For more on the health and environmental concerns about fracking there is an excellent documentary called “Gas Land”. This clip illustrates some of the key points from the film.

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