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I AM NOT MOVING – Short Film – Occupy Wall Street

Earlier this year our president was full of noble words for the rights of protesters in the Middle East. Now that the demonstrations have spread to America he is too busy raising money to speak up for the hundreds of people being arrested for exercising their right to protest. This video neatly explores this rich irony.

“Uploaded by CoreyOgilvie on Oct 10, 2011
Please share as much as you can, this film is a warning to our elected leaders.
To connect to the filmmaker and get updates on new film projects:
Buy song and album at: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/versions-prepared-piano/id215661219
UNALTERED MIRRORING IS ENCOURAGED, but please do not change video in any way for its whole duration.
Please credit ‘shot by you the people, edited by Corey Ogilvie’. Please share with everyone, including your leaders. This video is meant to be a warning to our leaders.
Including stunning cinematography from Alex Mallis – http://www.alexmallis.com/
and Kristopher Rae – sociallyawkwrd.tumblr.com”

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