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Dylan Ratigan Breaks-Down Tim Geithner. In Print & On Video

In any list of what’s wrong w/ the Obama administration near the top would be Tim Geithner. One of the architechs of our financial disaster steering our economic ship? What’s wrong with this picture? MSNBC’s Dylan Ratagin not a big fan either.  As we discover in tonight’s post  with a column from Huffington Post and a clip from his show.

Platinum Citizenship

Huffington Post 10/17/11

“I’m not interested in a sob story about inequality, I want to talk about what Geithner *did*, structurally to bring about this situation. We’re all aware of the two tiered political system in which protesters can be run over by police scooters but marauders in suits are put on the President’s jobs council to chuckle nervously at Occupy Wall Street. But behind the political inequality lies a new order of credit allocation. Tim Geithner created a two-tiered monetary system, a kind of money they have which you can’t get. He wasn’t alone in doing this. Financial institutions spent hundreds of millions of dollars influencing federal officials to coalesce a bailout while politicians treated them as a special class of super Americans. But he more than anyone else in the crisis period was the central figure in the creation of our current aristocratic monetary order.”

To read this entire post click here.

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