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The Contras, The CIA and Drugs the Inside Story

On Mindsi2 we have posted a series of videos that take a look back at the Iran Contra Drug scandal during the Reagan years. Today we share some of them.

Let us consider the broad sweep of what the Iran Contra scandal was all about. The election of Ronald Reagan happened with the support of the Iranian government. This is known as “The October Surprise” where Republican operatives outbid what Carter was offering to the Iranians. They held off releasing the hostages until Reagan was inaugurated to return the hostages. The Iranians in exchange were able to keep receiving spare parts and other military supplies. While this is not the accepted historical narrative it does help to explain what happens next. Because A few years later Iranian backed groups in Lebanon begin taking hostages and then trading them for weapons shipments to Iran. Who by then had been invaded by Iraq with our support.

So now we have the profits from the arms sales and what better use for them than to help fight the terror war we are running in Nicaragua. In “The Contra’s” our first clip offers a look into this conflict. The second video concerns the shipment of drugs back to the US in the planes taking weapons to the Contra’s. We learn that the original investigation skirted the issue and hear interviews with those involved with the trafficking. That this occurred has been confirmed by the CIA’s own investigation. As well as investigative reporter Gary Webb’s “Dark Alliance” series of reports exposing the involvement of the Contras with the introduction of crack into the US. The only debate is the extent of the our own governments knowledge or involvement with the drugs. The original Iran Contra investigation did not look into this issue and the CIA report said there was no evidence to show that officials weren’t aware of the drug shipments.

We offer some background links. The Wikipedia page for “The October Surprise” offers a pretty through look at the evidence and investigations.

Here is a link to information about the “Russian Memorandum” a document prepared by Russian intelligence for American officials about “The October Surprise”

Memos from the National Security Archive documenting American knowledge of drug trafficking.

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