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Alternative Views #478. FED UP A Look At Trickle Down Economics & The Fed

From: Mindsi2
Alternative Views was along running public access show out of San Antonio Texas. It’s a great muckraking show that didn’t have a lot of style or production values but it did deliver the truth. We have several different episodes, including an interview w/ Ron Paul, posted on our site.

Here we offering an edited version of Alternative Views #478. Host frank Morrow with economist Jack Hopper reviews two books on the Federal Reserve, which provides a close-up of this secretive and powerful organization. The books are “Secrets of the Temple,” by William Greider, and “The Secrets of the Federal Reserve,” by Eustace Mullins.

The books show the history and incredible, unchecked power of the Fed to control the US economy, to effect the outcome of presidential elections, and to wreak havoc on the American people while enriching the wealth of the powerful people and institutions controlling the system. The complex workings of the Fed are discussed.
There is also a discussion on Ronald Reagan’s trickle down economics and its disastrous impact on the economy.

For the complete hour long show http://www.archive.org/details/AV_478-FED_UP

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