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Will Renewables Ever Be Big In The U.S.? & Solar Power In Bangladesh.

As countries across the world from Germany to Bangladesh are rapidly expanding renewable energy development here in the U.S. we  are once again fighting among ourselves and facing intrenched industries resistant to change. These and other factors are explored in the following story from Alternet.

Will Clean Energy Ever Be a Reality in the U.S.? Here’s What’s Standing in Our Way

AlterNet / By Steven Wishnia

Wind and solar sources make up almost half of all new electricity generation in Europe, but we’re far behind in the U.S. — so what gives?

“”The reason we have to subsidize is because the initial 20-year-cost is higher,” says Zweibel of solar electricity. But in the long run, renewables are cheaper, says Mark Kapner. In Austin Energy’s Green Choice program, he says, customers pay higher rates at first, but they don’t have to pay increases for the next ten years, which protects them from the volatile prices of natural gas.

The Chinese competition has hurt U.S. solar-panel manufacturers, most notoriously the Fremont, California, firm Solyndra, which filed for bankruptcy in September after receiving more than $500 million in federal loans. When Solyndra was launched in 2007, says Masia, “no one anticipated” that the Chinese government would “invest very, very aggressively” in solar-panel manufacturing. Beijing has pumped $30 billion into it, says Zweibel.”

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