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Obama His Black Caucus Speech & The Occupy Movement, One Persons Story

  Two things happened on last Monday. I  heard about a group of people who were camping out in front of the Fed bank in downtown Chicago. This was in response to a much larger occupation taking place in Wall Street. In both cases the key issue being economic justice. And I thought to myself “Wow that’s cool” and went off to work.

     Later while driving around my route I was listening to the radio.There was a HUGE controverey raging about something Presdient Obama had said in a speech to the Congressional Black Caucus. Supposedly he had been insulting to them. Then they played the clip and afterwords I was very confused and couldn’t understand what was wrong in what he said.

     On the contrary I felt (and I really don’t use this word about myself) inspired. So much so the next day I went downtown and to make a long story short found a community of people who were concerned about where the country was going and wanted to do something about it.

     What I didn’t find was a well organized group with a prefabricated agenda. So I stood out in the rain with them for a couple hours. Made an impressionistic video about my experience and went home different from when I left. It was one of those moments of clarity.

     Since then I’ve been back and will keep going back. It’s great to see the numbers growing and will do all I can to spread the word.Because my friends it is just as the President says time to get up and get into it.Our country has been hijacked and it’s time to take it back.

This is an open group come on down stand with us because we are standing for you!

It’s not about black or white left or right. It’s about  economic justice and taking back what the crooks and liars have stolen!

 It’s an inspirational group of people that are have come together to try and do something about what is going on in this country.

They deserve your support.
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