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The Complete 9/11 Timeline / No Conspiracy Theories

For anyone interested in marking the 10th anniversary of 9/11 by learning more about it I recommend the History Commons as a good place to start. Not a collection of conspiracy theories but a well researched timeline of over 6,000 events that made up that day and the trail of events leading up to it.
Or as they put it in their own words.
“This timeline is meant to be a comprehensive resource for anyone attempting to understand 9/11 and the “war on terrorism” in general. Polls show that Americans are extremely uninformed about 9/11. A third of Americans can’t even correctly guess the year 9/11 took place and about half of all Americans mistakenly believe Saddam Hussein had a role in the attacks.

But it is vital for everyone to understand 9/11, what led to it, and what the fallout from it has been. Terrorism directly and indirectly affects our lives in many ways and dominates the political discourse. Those of us working on the 9/11 timeline are striving to boil the news on terrorism down to a reasonable level so citizens can stay well informed.

We strive to be objective and keep any layers of interpretation as thin as possible. If you see specific examples of bias anywhere in the timeline, please point them out so we can make changes. But at the same time, we unabashedly focus on failures, problems, and controversies instead of success stories. That’s because those are the things we need to learn from and fix and hold people responsible for when necessary.

9/11 and terrorism generally are flashpoints for what people call “conspiracy theory.” This 9/11 investigative project contains no conspiracy theories. In fact, it does not offer any theories at all. Rather it simply lays out the facts so readers can come to their own conclusions. Biases may show at times because no human being is completely objective and judgments have to be constantly made; for instance, to include this particular fact or that one when editing decisions have to be made to keep the length down. We rely on each other and ask readers to point out when we are missing important facts or skewing the information.”

To Explore The 9/11 Timeline Click Here


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