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Clearing The Air, Two Ways To A Better Atmosphere

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Today we take a look at how we as individuals and on a global scale can help create better air. First we have a story from the CleanTechnica site a post by Jerry James Stone where writes about plants that can clean indoor air. The other story is from mothernaturenetwork by Karl Burkart is about the Groasis Waterboxx  a simple device to help  increase the chances of trees growing in desert reforestation projects.And the more trees we have the more carbon that is captured making the air better.

DIY: HowTo GrowYourOwn Fresh Air

“So how does this increase productivity? Compared to other buildings in Delhi, the incidence of eye irritation reduced by 52%, lower respiratory symptoms by 34%, headaches by 24%, upper respiratory symptoms by 20%, lung impairment by 10-12% and Asthma by 9%.”

To read the entire post and see a video click here.
A Solution To Reverse Africa’s Growing Deserts
I’ve often said that the most sophisticated “green” technology on the planet is the humble tree. Trees sequester carbon, fix nitrogen into the soil, create organic compost, prevent erosion and encourage rain, while providing sustainable crops, shape, lumber and even fuel. The single most important activity on the planet (I believe) is planting trees, a fact backed up by the latest McKinsey study on abating the effects of global warming. But there is a problem.

Reforestation efforts in denuded lands such as Africa, Mexico, India and China have never been taken seriously as a means to abate climate change because young saplings are very difficult to establish. They take a lot of water and require regular maintenance — two things that are in scarce supply in precisely the regions where they are needed most.
To read this entire post click here.

  1. August 24, 2011 at 5:11 am

    How about instead of trees they try a low-maintenance plant that “produces a very large bulk of vegetative material in a short vegetative period,” – hemp. They can even make a profit farming it for industrial materials or giving the nutrition to their people. Learn more here: http://www.hemp-sisters.com/Information/factsheet.htm

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