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A Way Out Of The Woods? A Couple Of Ideas How America Can Come Back

As a lot of Americans are running around like chicken little screaming “the sky is falling”  we have found some solutions. First we take a look at the country of Brazil where 20% of the population has been lifted out of poverty. This is being done through direct government programs to aid the poor. Then we give a listen to the suggestions of political scientist Tom Ferguson  on The Real News Network suggesting what this country needs is a massive jobs program.

by Felix Marquardt posted on Huffington Post
The US Downgrade, the Brazilan Miracle and the Atlantic in the 21st Century
“In recent years, though, this prophecy seemed to finally become reality. Thirty percent of Brazilians are currently enrolled in a school or a university and another twenty percent have pulled themselves out of the most abject poverty in the past ten years, in no small part thanks to wisely distributed government aid, and joined the ranks of an ever growing middle class, an astounding achievement by all accounts. These new consumers buy TVs, computers, phones, cars for the wealthiest of them and a mortgage market has even developed for the broader Brazilian middle class, something unthinkable only a decade ago. With the downgrade of the United States’ rating and the specter of a double-dip recession looming, with Europe struggling to overcome its own sovereign debt issues, having completely failed to make the euro the refuge that the dollar no longer is and with China suddenly in panic as it sees the value of the debt it is sitting on decline by the day, Brazil might well be on its way to becoming the single coolest kid on the global block.”

To read the entire story click here.

One thing seems certain and that is that the status quo cannot go on much longer. In this fun clip MSNBC loose cannon Dylan Ratigan explodes with a great rant at a trio of talking heads.

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