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War Is A Racket! Refelctions On War By Real American Heros

War Is A Racket.
Sounds like some kind of Communist/hippie nonsense right? Propaganda meant to undermine the American way of life that was penned by some peace freak safe up in his/her ivory tower. Someone a little out of touch with reality perhaps? Well those assumptions would all be wrong. And this weekend as we commemorate  Purple Heart     anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki it is a good time to be looking at war and it’s cost.
Those words were written by a former commandant of the United States Marines. He was also a man who earned TWO Congressional Medals of Honor. Smedley Butler wrote the book with this title after a thirty-four year military career. One that saw him serve in WW 1, Philippines, China, in Central America and the Caribbean. It is a short book but one well worth reading because it clearly lays out the corrupt rationale that lies behind the reasons we fight most wars.
Mr Butlers fears were echoed almost thirty years later by Dwight Eisenhower when he gave his farewell speech to the American people. In it he warns us about the growing threat posed by the military industrial complex. Sadly these mens warnings were ignored and today   ourselves locked in a permanent war against an enemy that includes anyone that might become a threat.
Right now we are fighting two ongoing public conflicts in Afghanistan and Libya we also have a large number of personal still taking fire in Iraq. If that were not enough we are engaged in a huge covert war being fought by a shadowy mix of government and private forces. There are an estimated seventy covert actions launched everyday against targets in over a hundred countries. At a time of budget cuts, soaring debt and a declining standard of living at home we have an extra 26 billion dollars to spend on 100 hight flying drones.
These last two stories are covered in our previous post below. Here we present the words of Smedley Butler and “Ike”.

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    I agree 100%

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