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American Racket; Debt Deregulation, Bubbles, Bailouts and Gold PlatedLies

     The American Racket is an evolving story about how the once strong American middle class is being destroyed over the by right-wing economic terrorism. What was once a slow process has become dramatically accelerated over the past eleven years. Following the theft of the 2000 elections and the installation of George Bush. Bush was installed by the Supreme Court which also has in recent years has equated money with speech and ruled corporations have the same rights as people.
Since then we’ve doubled, our debt, by spending trillions of dollars on wars we didn’t pay for then made that worse by giving tax breaks to wealthy people and borrowed money to do. We borrowed fifty billion dollars from China to do it. The corporations took their tax break and created jobs in China. We loaned trillions of dollars to bail out the big banks and they sit on the cash.
And now they say we have no money and they a fill us with fear. We have to cut aid to the old and sick. Cut Social Security? Did you know that the SS trust fund has been invested in our debt.? We have been ripped off, lied to, abused and extremely disrespected. It’s a sad story that we are piecing together. One that is told by people like Matt Taibbi, Bernie Sanders Robert Reich, Noam Chomsky and others.


 On our Mindsi 2 YouTube station we have a playlist of videos covering this important story.

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