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New Use For Old Plastic Bags

The plastic bag every year the world uses somewhere between 500 billion and a trillion. In the US we use 60,000 every five seconds and use 12 million barrels of oil each year to make them. Wouldn’t it be a cool if there was a use for them other than picking up dog poop or littering the landscape?
Well meet Japanese inventor Akinori Ito who has created a machine that converts these bags (back)into oil.
From the CleanTechnica site:
“The carbon-negative system — now offered by Ito’s Blest Corporation, founded in early 2010 — is a highly-efficient technology, converting 1 kilogram (about 2 lbs.) of plastic into 1 liter (about a quart) of oil using just 1 kilowatt of power (cost: about .20 cents). However, the current cost of this system is just under 10,000 USD. Ito hopes to bring this price down through ramping up the production process as the word gets out and demand increases.”

To read the rest of the post click here.
And here is the inventor giving a TedTalk

  1. August 8, 2011 at 8:02 pm

    behind this lies a side effect, I think so. But it should better help the problem rather than contributing more to the present plastic setbacks we are having today. I hope this stuff works and help us save the environment for good. Crossing fingers*

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