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Robert Mitchum’s Pot Bust & the Movie It Inspired

Actor Robert Mitchum had a colorful life in the 1930’s he was a hobo riding the rails across the country. Even taking time out to do a stint on a Georgia chain gang for vagrancy. In the 40’s he worked in an aircraft plant before getting into films. And during his film career he recorded two albums one of Calypso music and one featuring country music.  It was his work on the screen he was best known for appearing in nearly 100 movies and TV shows.


He was also one of the first celebrities to be arrested for marijuana. In the late summer of 1948 he was driving around LA house hunting with real estate agent Robin Ford when they stopped at the home of a couple of actresses Lila Leeds and Vickie Evans. Unfortunately the house was staked out and when the police came in Bob was caught holding the joint.


The judge in the bench trial sentenced him to two years probation, sixty days of which were to be served behind bars. Part of his stay was spent in the LA Hall of Justice jail and the rest at the Sheriffs Honor Farm north of Los Angeles where he made concrete blocks. In 151 his conviction was overturned when the whole thing was revealed to be a setup.


The incident served as inspiration for the anti pot film “She Shoulda Said No” which starred the aforementioned Lila Leeds.  Our MindsiMedia YouTube station recently uploaded this cinematic classic which you can sample here. We have also included a sample of his calypso singing (pretty good).

  1. October 8, 2011 at 2:23 am

    one of the first celebrities to be arrested for marijuana, the start of pare of marijuana users amongs the celebrities to be caught..

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