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Sitting US Senator Helps Negotiate A Bribe To Help A Colleague, Inside “The Family”

Anthony Weiner looks like he’s going to be gone after a few days of outrage over the fact he sent a picture of his penis to someone. Here’s a story about attempted bribery, bribery, coverups and illicit affair involving two Republican Senators; John Ensign and Tom Coburn. Ensign only recently resigned while Coburn, who is a doctor and a Deacon in a secretive Washington religious group, still serves as Senator.

By Elise Foley / HuffingtonPost

Tom Coburn Helped Cover Up John Ensign Affair: Senate Ethics Report

“The report provides extensive details of the Coburn’s collaboration. He spoke to Hampton’s attorney, Daniel Albregts, three times on May 22, 2009, to discuss money Ensign planned to give the Hamptons. Coburn first said he wanted to “help Doug out” because he liked him and felt bad about what had happened, the report says. The Oklahoma Republican asked Albregts to find out what Hampton needed to start over.

According to the report, Albregts called about an hour later, interrupting Coburn from mowing his lawn on a tractor. The lawyer told the senator that Hampton had proposed $8 million to resettle his family and find a new job. Albregts told the Ethics Committee that Coburn countered, calling the figure “absolutely ridiculous.” Instead, Coburn reportedly said the Ensigns should purchase the Hampton’s home and give them some money to live off of while they looked for new jobs.

In a third call, Albregts proposed payments for the Hamptons of $1.2 million for their home and $1.6 million for relocation, the report says. During that five-minute call, Coburn said he thought that was reasonable and that he would take the request to Ensign. The former senator from Nevada, however, refused to pay that total”
To read the entire post click here.

And here is a video from the Rachel Maddow show that gives some further insight into “The Family” the group that both men belonged to. Rachel has been one reporter who has covered this story from the beginning. In this clip she talks to author Jeff Sharlett who wrote a book about the organization.



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