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Saturday Afternoon At Chicago’s Bluesfest

Chicago was one of the main spawning grounds for blues music. Labels like Chess, Cobra, Checker, Chance, Vee Jay, Alligator and the cities vast number of bars, lounges and nightclubs served as a launching pad for many a bluesmans carrer. With that kind of rich tradition every June the city hosts a great, free, three day celebration of the blues. They close off some streets in Grant Park roll out the food, drink and stages. During the day you can wander between three stages and in the evening they have a main show. Once again all free.

It’s a very enjoyable experience, unless it gets really crowded. The food and drinks are fairly pricey and you have to get tickets and then get what you want. On the other hand your free to leave and come back and since your in downtown Chicago there places to eat and drink everywhere. We wandered off and found a great old school pub called Millers where we sampled a potent beer called Delerium Tremors.

Anyway back to the music I went on an overcast Saturday and saw four acts and enjoyed them all. We have a clip from each of them so sit back and help yourself to some blues;

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