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Inside Obama’s Orwellian World, Blow The Whistle On Illegal Activity Face 30 Years In Prison

Once again the media is focused on the latest gruntings from media hog Sarah Palin. So we here at MindsiMedia have gone out and found someone who is more interesting and actually doing something to help the country. Or at least he tried because as it stands now Paul Drake, a former NSA, member is facing thirty years in prison for exposing corruption and illegal activity inside the National Security Agency.  Just a note to those who think President Obama is protecting his administration, the abuses Drake exposed took place during the Bush administration. Here is his story. First from CommonDreams.org is the story that originally caught my eye:

The Loneliness and Courage of Thomas Drake: A Whistleblower’s Journey

by Robert Shetterly

“Thomas Drake tried to do everything right. He thought that the road he was on of government service was the same road that was consistent with his values. Immediately after his first day on the job at the National Security Agency — September 11, 2001 — he began to see those roads diverge. For years he tried to straddle them — one foot on the road of loyalty to the NSA and procedural complaint, one foot on the road consistent with his oath to uphold the Constitution. Finally he had to choose or be ethically dismembered. He chose to blow the whistle on waste, fraud, and patent illegality at the NSA. He chose consistency with his ethical sense of Constitutional duty. He knew that illegal wiretaps and the obsessive secrecy to hide them was inconsistent with democracy and the rule of law.

Thomas Drake is being charged under the Espionage Act, section 793(e), only the fourth American ever. The first was Daniel Ellsberg. He’s been charged with mishandling classified information. Not with spying. His crime was to tell the truth about illegality and corruption. “This has become the specter of a truly Orwellian world,” Drake said in his Ridenhour speech, “where… whistleblowing is now equated with spying. Dissent has become the mark of a traitor. Truth is equivalent to treason and speaking truth to power makes one an enemy of the state. And yet who is really the enemy here?”

To read the entire post click here.

And then I went on YouTube and found a more detailed story from DemocracyNow:

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