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Bernie Sanders Fighting Back The Way President Obama & the Dem’s Should Be Fighting

Isn’t it funny that the only member of the Senate that is not a Democrat or a Republican is the one who is fighting for average American’s the hardest, Bernie Sanders of Vermont is consistent and relentless in fighting the corporate take over of our country. I usually get to hear him on Friday afternoons. He has an hour segment “Brunch W/ Bernie” on the Thom Hartmann show where they discuss the issues of the day and take phone calls. Mr Sanders is not afraid to tell the truth and always has substantive ideas on how to tackle the problems we face. He is not afraid to call both parties out for their allegiance to big money.

I have just finished watching an amazing seven minute speech he made on the current deficit reduction debate going on. Bernie Sanders was advocating for the kinds of things that president Obama was elected to fight for. After watching it I went right away to see if there was a draft movement for to run for president Unfortunately he is not a willing candidate for the 2012 election. But that doesn’t mean that what he is saying is any less important so I’m going to do my part to broadcast what he saying and share his message with you. And who knows maybe if enough people urge him to run he will if for no other reason to advance his solutions.

So here is his speech from the floor of the US Senate:

And Here is Mr. Sanders on the price of oil:

  1. Ed
    June 22, 2011 at 2:06 am

    Run, Bernie, run! I’d also like to see anti-establishment independents on the ballot in every Congressional election in the country in 2012. Let’s send a bunch of Bernie Sanders’ and Dennis Kucinichs and Jesse Venturas and Ralph Naders to Washington! We don’t have to agree on everything, just that the Democrats and Republicans need to go. They’ve had many, many, many chances, but for some reason (“corporate money”, “military industrial complex”, whispers Mr. Subliminal) things never get fixed.

  2. Ed
    June 22, 2011 at 2:12 am

    You don’t have to be rich or famous to run, just be honest and concerned and not on the corporate bandwagon. Talk to others in your congressional district. Get someone to run! Talk to your state’s Secretary of State. Collect donations to pay the outrageous filing fees. If all else fails, launch a write-in campaign. It’s time to take the country back, end the wars, put Americans back to work, restore the Constitution, and get the corporations back under control. And let’s find out who killed the Kennedys and Martin Luther King, Jr. while we’re at it.

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