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Matt Taibbi On The Failure To Reform Wall Street & Terrorists Attack The Jefferson Memorial (with dance)

‘Nothing stops big banks from ripping off people again’

I’m looking at the top twenty mews stories on the Current site and found two that were together that just belonged next to one another. Because one story answers the question posed by the first. It’s the magic power of juxtaposition. We begin with another update from Rolling Stone writer Matt Taibbi who has written more and done more investigation of the causes of the 2008 crash. As usual he pulls no puches and answers that question with a resounding yes. And explains why this has happened and lays right at the feet of the corrupt politicans in Washington and their paymasters on Wall Street.

Uploaded by RussiaToday on May 29, 2011


And then right underneath that story is this one that explains why the big banks are free to rip us off again. The police, prosecutors and judges are two busy keeping terrorists from attacking the Jefferson Memorial with really bad dancing. Not dirty but bad. I’m sure gald to see our governmnet really has it’s priorities in order.

For those interested in reading more of Matt’s reporting and other stories related to the 2008 crash check out our American Racket catagory.

After Dancing Arrests, Park Police Launch Inquiry

“The protesters were reportedly protesting a recent appeals court decision that bans dancing at Washington’s memorials. Video shot at the scene and posted to Youtube shows protesters on the ground with park police officers on top of them, and one protester being thrown to the ground by an officer.”

To read the entire post click here.








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