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Health Insurance Reform? Why We Don’t Have It (Yet)

The whole health insurance reform “debate” we went through last year is a perfect example on how our government works against the best interests of the people. As with the case of most of the problems we face today real solutions are ignored and the entire “debate” is a sham. In the case of health care reform their was only one way to improve health care for everyone while lower costs and the burden on tax payers. That was to eliminate the middleman and create a single payer system like most of the rest of the world has. In 2005 The National Coalition on Health Care released it’s study that showed a potential savings of 1.1 trillion dollars by enacting single payer.
Yet when our Democratic president and the Democratic Congress began addressing healthcare reform a
single payer system was excluded from the debate for the most part. Supporters of single payer were dragged out of the senate chambers when they protested their exclusion.  The House was more supportive of a “public option” but could not advance a bill lacking support from the Senate and White House. President Obama was very good at “talking the talk” about real reform when he was running. Once elected though he quickly changed his tune. I still remember his town hall on health care where he scoffed at the idea of putting the health insurance industry out of business. At the time the President was the largest recipient of donations from the insurance companies. I don’t know if that means anything but look at the law we ended up with. A gift of tens of millions of new customers who will now be forced to get their insurance. The progressives were told to shut up and be happy with what they got and the conservatives are going to court to undue the whole thing. So maybe the issue isn’t settled yet.
Advocates for single payer have not given up they continue to fight for real reform. On the state level, Vermont has just passed a ‘single payer’ law. And in Congress there is House Bill 676, The Expanded & Improved Medicare For All Act.  Today we present a link to Physicians for a National Health Program web site where you can get all the information you need about this important legislation. We also have a series of videos on this topic the first an interview with Rolling Stone writer Matt Tiabbi who breaks down the sham reform we ended up with. The other two are ones we posted on our Mindsi2 channel as the debate was going on.

The time is here for people to raise their voices and demand real reform on this issue and a host of others. Join me in contacting your representatives to try and get this bill moved out of committee where it now resides.

Physicians for a National Health Program Site

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