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Warren Beatty Issues Warning, And Prominent Republicans Share His Worries

Democrats and Republicans are participating in

“a slow-motion coup d’etat of big money interests over the public interest.”

This quote is from what unlikely potential presidential candidate in 1999? And here we sit a dozen years later and cannot it be said that this stunning claim has come true. Consider all that has happened since then. The stolen election by the the state of Florida and affirmed by US Supreme Court in 2000. The response to the attacks of 9/11 as costly and horrifying as those attacks were our response has been far more costly and horrifying to people who for the most part had no part of the September 11 attacks. Then came the financial crisis and the unprecedented amount of money given to the very people who caused the crisis. Capped off by the election of Barack Obama who has proven to be a solid corporatist with a winning slogan.

As you can tell it is actor Warren Beatty that said those words 1999 and here is some of the original reporting on it;
“Beatty Talks Like A Candidate
Democrats Blasted For Moving Too Far To Center
Warren Beatty still appears to be flirting with the idea of running for president. But for now, the famous actor says he does not plan on quitting his day job.

Beatty told a group of Hollywood activists late Wednesday that Democrats and Republicans are participating in “a slow-motion coup d’etat of big money interests over the public interest.” But the film star and liberal firebrand did not reveal whether he would make a go at the country’s top job.

He also issued to the audience a call to action.

There is no harm in thinking about this however unlikely it may be. But whatever you do, go ahead and speak up. Speak up for the people nobody speaks for. And if you speak up well,” he said amid applause, “if you speak up well, maybe you’ll influence some people, maybe you’ll influence the party, maybe you’ll influence the candidates that are running. And who knows what else.”

To finish reading this story click here.

It’s kind of funny and I hadn’t thought of it until now but Beatty never did make his run at the White House but when you think about Bill Clinton isn’t he kind of a stand in sort of Warren Beatty lite. A good looking good humored sexy guy with charisma but defiantly a solid corporatist who would give us NAFTA and “welfare reform” but not health care reform and environmental action.

But I think Warren was just reflecting on a trend that had been growing since the 1980’s and is what the Reagan revolution was really all about. He was really the first corporatist president since the 1920’s. He was all about removing regulations and turning large parts of the government into private enterprise. Under the battle cry of getting the government off our backs. The American people thought he was talking about them but he was talking to his corporate backers.

For the average American the Reagan revolution meant the shifting of the tax burden from the wealthy to the average American. Increased restrictions on individual freedoms and privacy and increased control of human behavior due to the war on drugs. In the name of judicial reform we see the limiting of peoples access to the courts increase.

And the cor[corporatist know this is a two party system so they invested heavily in Democrats and in return received a divided party unable to advance any kind of progressive agenda. Which is exactly what they want because if it’s not a progressive agenda that’s being advanced than logic would seem to dictate that a regressive agenda is what is under way today. Their sole appeal is that they’re not as bad as the Republicans

Is there anything that can be done? It would appear not since the corporatists have worked hard to keep American’s at each others throats so each side sees the other as the enemy. What do you think?

Of course Warren Beatty wasn’t the first person to raise these issues because what he has been talking about has been going on for over a hundred years. In the following video clip we will here a former Republican president, a current senior Republican Senator and a Two time Congressional Medal of Honor winner echo the warning of Warren Beatty.

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