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Capone Mobster Frank Nitti’s Last Day & Other Tales Of The Chicago Outfit

They were a remarkable, ruthless, deadly group of men, Refugees on the run from other countries or the sons of impoverished immigrants. They all started out during prohibition working for a man called Al Capone. They went on to develop a criminal organization that ruled Chicago for more than half a century. It has been alleged that this group helped elect John F. Kennedy and then helped in his assassination. The organization was known as “the outfit” and it members included Frank Nitti, Paul Ricca, Tony Accardo, Sam Giancana, Sam De Stefano and Sam Battaglia.

Prohibition turned them from street corner punks and common criminals into men of wealth and power. And for decades they used America’s undying desire to eliminate vice to maintain their control and increase their wealth. For the most part they didn’t pay for their crimes and lived long lives that ended in solid comfort.

MindsiMedia operates out of the near western suburbs of Chicago that these men moved to. Quiet little towns like Oak Park and River Forest became the destination for these mobsters seeking a better life. So when we started our newest YouTube station ChiTownView we started a series offering updated look at some of the homes and other infamous locations connected to “the outfit”. Along with these little views we will present the people and stories associated with them.

So here is a couple of our clips and if you want to see more visit our Chicago’s Gangster History playlist.

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