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Bipartisan group of US Senators Report Slam Banksters / Media Looks the Other Way

We haven’t seen a whole lot of bipartisanship in Washington these days so when GOP Senators like Tom Coburn and Rand Paul join Democrats like Carl Levin in supporting the findings of their Permanent Subcommittee on Investigation study of Wall Street & the financial crisis you might expect broad news coverage. But sad to say this was not to be the case with dog and pony shows like the Obama’s birth certificate and kooks like Donald Trump getting way more attention from the corporate media.

So today we offer a story about the media coverage and a PDF of the actual report itself.

Here is the original story that caught my attention from the Campaign For America’s Future site;

By Richard (RJ) Eskow

April 18, 2011 – 1:57pm ET

“It should have been the lead story from coast to coast: A bipartisan panel of senators, including some of that body’s most conservative members, released a damning report that slammed bankers, regulators and ratings agencies—and they made it clear that they’d like to see warrants issued against the CEO of Goldman Sachs and other financial executives.

This report was endorsed by all of its Republican members, including conservative co-chair Tom Coburn and Tea Party Senator Rand Paul. Hey, editors, how’s this for a headline? “Libs and Tea Party Senators demand: ‘Bring me the head of Goldman Sachs.'”

Now that’s what I call news!

The media responded with a collective yawn.”

To finish reading the entire post click here.

Read the entire report by clicking here.

Not surprisingly there wasn’t a whole lot of video on this story but I did find this clip on CSpan with Levin & Coburn at a press conference. Click here to see the video.

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