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A Doctor & A Lawyer Going To Prison For 5 Years. For growing Pot, In California!!!

 So here we are in 2011we are deeply in debt and still have money to house more than two million prisoners. We have 5% of the worlds population yet keep almost a quarter of the prisoners. The war on drugs and the ruthless way that we prosecute it is the major reason for our commanding lead. This war is also a tragically failed one that causes far more harm, cost and waste than the drugs themselves.

Among those that are about to join that population is a doctor named Marion Fry and her husband a lawyer named Dale Schafer. They have come to the end of their ten year fight against drug charges stemming from the cultivation of less than fifty marijuana plants. The doctor was using it to treat her own illnesses and giving it to patients. This is all taking place in California and the case is being prosecuted by the federal government.

  From Alternet 3/23/11;

“After more than six years of litigation, and three years of appeals for manufacturing and conspiracy to manufacture and distribute cannabis, Dr. Marion “Mollie” Fry and her husband of 25 years, civil attorney Dale Schafer, attended a hearing at the US courthouse in Sacramento Monday week, in which their bonds were revoked and they were given a the date of May 2 to surrender to serve five-year federal prison terms.

Fry and Schafer’s prior home located in the hills just north of Sacramento was raided in 2001, with 34 plants confiscated – what they believed to be well below the 99 plant limit set forth by local ordinances.

According to Schafer, the couple had never grown more than 44 plants in a given year.  A little known fact, he explained, is that under federal law more than 100 plants grown in a five year period, accumulatively, is cause for the mandatory five-year sentence, overriding state laws.”

To read the entire story click here.

  And here is a clip of the couple speaking at a NORML conference in 2002.

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