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Genetic Engineering Provides An Exciting New Source of Diesel Fuel?


For the past couple of days there have been stories popping up about a Mass. Biotech. Company with a new source of diesel fuel. Joule Unlimited has created a new organisim that secretes diesel or ethanol when exposed to sun water & CO2. This is another variation of the biofuels answer to our energy needs. Unlike conventional biofuels like switchgrass, corn or alge there is noo need to grow, store and destroy the material to extract the fuels. While the development proccess is just beginning this has the potential to revolutionize the fuel industry.

Joule doesn’t seem to be a fly by night company but a young, growing one that just received a second round of financing and added former Bill Clinton chief of staff John Podesta to it’s board of directors. Here we present a report from the Huffington Post that further explores this story;

“The Cambridge, Mass.-based company says it can manipulate the organism to produce the renewable fuels on demand at unprecedented rates, and can do it in facilities large and small at costs comparable to the cheapest fossil fuels.

What can it mean? No less than “energy independence,” Joule’s web site tells the world, even if the world’s not quite convinced.

“We make some lofty claims, all of which we believe, all which we’ve validated, all of which we’ve shown to investors,” said Joule chief executive Bill Sims.

“If we’re half right, this revolutionizes the world’s largest industry, which is the oil and gas industry,” he said. “And if we’re right, there’s no reason why this technology can’t change the world.””

To read the entire story click here.

And we came across this video posted by Technology Review from last year when news about this new technique first started circulating.

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