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Nikloa Tesla Master of Electricity & Green Power Visionary

Nikola Tesla is known has the father of electricity a contempory of Edison and Marconi he was one step ahead of both of them. Born in 1856 in the Serbian part of the Austro-Hungarian empire. He went on to invent or influence the development of AC electricity, radio, remote control, wireless broadcasting and robotics. Mr Tesla was a true visionary genius who created detailed mental images of what he wanted to invent then did it. Sadly he was a hell of an inventor but was a poor business man who died broke.

A couple of weeks ago I found a video online called “Tesla Works” that I posted on my 1Future21 YouTube station. The video didn’t really present a complete picture of the man so I did some online research. At PBS.org they have a really nice biography posted there called “Tesla Master of Electricity”. You get a detailed history, a look at his inventions and wealth of other information.

I also found found a really great site called 21st Centry Books that has a great deal of information and a collection of his books and other writings. It was here that I came across this book called “Our Future Motive Power” it was about energy that foresaw our current energy related problems. A series of proposals are made to harness proposed renewable solutions that harnessed natural sources like sun, water and geo-thermal. Here is a sample for this book;


But the full realization of this idea is very remote.  The hard fact is that unless new resources are opened up, energy derived from fuel will remain our chief reliance.  The thermo-dynamic process is wasteful and barbarous, especially when burning coal, the mining of which, despite of modern improvements, still involves dangers to the unfortunates who are condemned to toil deep in the bowels of the earth.  Oil and natural gas are immensely superior in this and other respects and their use is rapidly extending.  It is quite evident, though, that this squandering cannot go on indefinitely, for geological investigations prove our fuel stores to be limited.  So great has been the drain on them of late years that the specter of exhaustion is looming up threateningly in the distance, and everywhere the minds of engineers and inventors are bent upon increasing the efficiency of known methods and discovering new sources of power.Nature has provided an abundant supply of energy in various forms which might be utilized if proper means and ways can be devised.  The sun’s rays falling upon the earth’s surface represent a quantity of energy so enormous that but a small part of it could meet all our demands.  By normal incidence the rate is mechanically equivalent to about 95 foot pounds per square foot per second, or nearly 7300 horse power per acre of ground.  In the equatorial regions the mean annual rate is approximately 2326 and in our latitudes 1737 horse power for the same area.  By using the heat to generate steam and operating a turbine under high vacuum probably 200 horse power per acre could be obtained as net useful power in these parts.  This would be very satisfactory were it not for the cost of the apparatus which is greatly increased by the necessity of employing a storage plant sufficient to carry the load almost three-quarters of the time.”

To read the entire book click here.

  1. DR
    June 17, 2011 at 2:43 am

    Excuse me, but wasn’t Tesla the Serbian inventor, born in the Croatian in part of the Austro-Hungarian empire?

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