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Middle East Strange Events Update, Glowing Orbs a Ghostly Image & a Stargate?

Another in our series of UFO reports in the past we have covered the odd events of 10/13/10 and the conflict in the southeren Pacific between th US and the aliens. This time the story begins with a video of an unidentified object hovering over The Temple Mount in Jerusalem. You see a glowing orb that hovers then descends only to shoot back up. Not very convincing but here take a look for yourself.

Not long afterwords The Jerusalem Post ran a story debunking the video. They summed it up this way;

Close encounters of the fabricated kind

“The lack of higher intelligence seems more acute than ever, with at least three fabricated YouTube videos recently posted showing the same spot of light floating above the Temple Mount in Jerusalem with the unconvincing oohs and aahs of those witnessing and filming the “UFO” in the background. The videos have garnered over 2 million views by Sunday.”

To read the entire story click here.

  Now a new video is become a viral sensation this one “shows” one of The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse riding with the protesters in Egypt. Once again we present the video and let you make your own judgment.

And if that’s not enough it appears that over in Yemen they have more trouble than just terrorists and demonstrators in the streets. There is also a “Stargate” opening up and were going to be invaded. If you don’t believe me this lady will convince you I’m sure.

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