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America Eats It’sYoung & Spits Out The Old, The Kool Herc Story

Todays post started out with a  story about hip hop pioneer Kool Herc who got the ball rolling in 1973 whem he invented “the break”. Now almost forty years later he finds hinself sick and without health insurance. So that story got me thinking about The Funkadelic’s lp, also from around the same time, “America Eats It’sYoung”. On it I found a song called “We Hurt Too”  that fit right in with the theme that was developing. From there we did some more searching on YouTube and found some video w/ Kool Herc And we end up our journey with a video about single payer health care from our Blago vision channel. Enjoy the trip.

Kool Herc he laid the musical foundations that made rappers rich. But Kool Herc’s plight is an indictment of US healthcare.

From The Independent (UK)

By Ian Burrell

Saturday, 5 February 2011

When Clive Campbell was growing up in an imposing high-rise block in the Bronx, he had little prospect of becoming a national icon, in spite of a god-like physique that inspired his friends to name him Hercules. Campbell was one of six children of Jamaican immigrants, who had headed to the richest country on earth but by 1973 found themselves in an unforgiving neighbourhood infested with street gangs. It was there, at 1520 Sedgwick, that on a hot August night in 1973 Campbell, also known as Kool Herc, deejayed at a block party in a way nobody had before – and hip-hop was born. You would have thought that, almost 40 years later, now that the genre has borne a global billion-dollar industry defined by gold teeth and expensive rides – and that Herc is revered as its founding father – he might have enough money to pay his hospital bills.

To readthe full story click here.

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