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Assassination of Sadat: The uninvestigated and forgotten crime

Embattled Egytian president H. Mubarak became the leader of is country when Anwar Sadat was assasinated by Muslim extremists in 1981. But is the story as simpleas that? Is there more to the story? Here is an interesting story that you might want to take a look at.

From the EgyptBlog posted 9/1/05

According to witness accounts published in the Egyptian weekly Al-Araby Al-Nasery on June 19, 2005, Sadat had sacked Mubarak but told him to remain in office until Sadat found a replacement. Early on the morning of October 6, assassination day, Sadat had appointed the former deputy prime minister, Dr. Abdel Kader Hatem, as vice president in Mubarak’s place. Sadat was supposed to have signed a presidential decree to this effect after the parade. Al-Araby Al-Nasery published a photo of Sadat shaking hands with Dr. Hatem on the morning of October 6. This would be the first time that such a photo comes to light. According to the said newspaper, Sadat was angry with Mubarak because the later had been making secret contacts with the military behind Sadat’s back. Other reports say that Sadat also had been made aware of the fact that Mubarak was secretly contacting the Saudi government. The Saudi government had severed all relations with the Egyptian government following the signing of peace treaty between Egypt and Israel in March 1979. The fanatic Saudi religious establishment which is closely connected to the royal family had condemned Sadat to death for making peace with “the Jews, the enemies of Allah.” Sadat was defiant and said “the Saudis were but a bunch trash nomads before we cleaned and educated them.” The Saudi royal family responded by saying that Saudi Arabia would never have anything to do with Egypt so long as Sadat remained in power.

To read the entire story click here.

And here is some video footage of the assasination.

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