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Renewable Energy Advances Promise A Brighter Future

There have been a number of promising stories in the news this week about advances in area of clean energy and we are today presenting a little roundup of what I’ve come across. Anyone who has followed this blog knows that I am a big supporter of renewable energy and should check out the 1Future catagory for more stories about the ongoing revolution in new energy technologies. First up this story I came across on the Inhabitat site.

Study Reveals Renewable Energy Could Support All of Civilization by 2030
If you don’t believe that we can kick our dependency on fossil fuels to the curb, think again. A newly released study says we can do it by 2030. Authored by Mark Delucchi and Mark Jacobsona, the eye-opening report recently appeared in the journal Energy Policy, detailing how renewable technologies that are available now can completely power our electric grid system in a relatively short 20 years time frame. While the hurtles are massive and the numbers are staggering the report is a hopeful look at how we can eliminate our very bad habit of pumping vast amounts of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere.

To finish this story click here.

Next is this promising story from the Greenwala site about advances in the solar energy field.

Scientists Develop Affordable Solar Panels That Work In The Dark

It’s about damn time, don’t you think?

Scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory announced Wednesday that they have been able to confirm a new high-efficiency solar cell design that utilizes nearly the entire solar spectrum.

Translation: They figured out a way to make solar panels generate electricity in the dark.

To read the entire story click here.

And from Gizmag we get this promising story about a new fuel source.

Breakthrough promises $1.50 per gallon synthetic gasoline with no carbon emissions

UK-based Cella Energy has developed a synthetic fuel that could lead to US$1.50 per gallon gasoline. Apart from promising a future transportation fuel with a stable price regardless of oil prices, the fuel is hydrogen based and produces no carbon emissions when burned. The technology is based on complex hydrides, and has been developed over a four year top secret program at the prestigious Rutherford Appleton Laboratory near Oxford. Early indications are that the fuel can be used in existing internal combustion engined vehicles without engine modification.

According to Stephen Voller CEO at Cella Energy, the technology was developed using advanced materials science, taking high energy materials and encapsulating them using a nanostructuring technique called coaxial electrospraying.

To finish this story click here.

And finally some words from President Obama speaking about the future and how we can help the environment and create more jobs.

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