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Rhythm & Blues For a Cold January Day, A Look At Sue Records

It was one of those January days here in Chicago; cold, overcast and overwhelmingly gray. The only good thing that can be said about it is well in another month or so it will be better. Cold comfort indeed.

 So there I was driving around the south side doing my work and the radio just wasn’t happening for me. The “rock” stations were spinning the same stuff they’ve been playing for 30-40 years. The talk stations were just full of hot air so I started rooting around in my truck for a stray cd. My search was rewarded with a true gem, one that made the whole day a little brighter. It was “The UK Sue Label Story / The World of Guy Stevens”.

 Sue records was one of the first popular black owned record labels. Started in 1957 by Juggy Murray and Bobby Robinson who were established record promoters in NYC. They recorded a number of jazz and R & B artists most notably Ike & Tina Turner who a had all their early hits with Sue. Among the other artists recording for Sue; Jimmy McGriff, Elmore James, Inez & Charlie Foxx, Baby Washington and Bobby Parker.

At any rate it was an awesome CD w/ 26 cuts and also comes with a infomative and fully illustrated booklet. It’s British/Ace release from 2004 and the number, for those that want to track it down, is. CDCHD 1001

 For more information and discography from the lable here is an excellent site.

Here are a couple of videos of tunes from the disc for you to sample.

  1. tom hughes
    January 25, 2011 at 2:03 pm

    Good article on Sue Records

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