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Is your name on the new F.B.I. List ? And More From “Top Secret America”

Kudos and maybe a Pulitzer should go to the Washington Post for Top Secret America. That is their investigation into America’s national security state that has sprung up since the 9/11 attacks. Reporters Dana Preist & William Arkin spent to years looking into this apparatus of thousands of offices employing hundreds of thousands of people all largely without oversight. It’s an imporant and chilling story that paints yet another troubling portrait of where American government is heading.

The first link is to an extract of the series that I came across on Current.com with the above headline I had to read the story.

Is your name on the new F.B.I. list ?


So after reading  that I had to track the whole story down which I found at the Post site. Was a little surprised that it was a six month old story it must not have gotten a lot of coverage when it was first published. But that seems to be the way it works with a large portion of the media. They ignore really important news stories like this one or more recently the arrest of over a hundred people for trying to chain themselves to the White House gates to protest the war. Then there’s the ignored story about medical aid for the 9/11 first responders being held up by Republican Senators because they didn’t want to close a loophole benifitting foreign corposations to pay for it.

Anyway here\’s the link to the entire Washington Post investigation.

And here’s a Frontline clip about the series.

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