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A Modern Day Story & A Secret (Alien) History of Easter Island?

Like most people that have heard of them I’ve always been fascinated by the statues on Easter Island. One of our early videos was this one posted above that features a mid 20th century visit to this far away island. This week I’ve come across a couple of Easter Island stories and thought I’ share them all in this post.

First from the modern day reality of Easter Island we offer this story.

Dozens wounded following police raids on Easter Island

At least 25 people have reportedly been injured after police evicted indigenous inhabitants from buildings on Rapa Nui, widely known as Easter Island.

Since August this year, Rapa Nui people have occupied a number of buildings on land they claim is legally theirs.

And now our next story comes to us from YouTube user ODAL123 who in his comment to my Easter Island video turned me on to Michel Desmarquet who was taken by aliens to another planet. He has quite a story to tell that involves a secret history behind the statues on Easter island. Here we present 1 of 16 clips.

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