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Right Wing Americans Helping To Spread Hate, Ugandan paper calls for gay people to be hanged

Meanwhile for the other side of the news spectrum we present this story from The Guardian UK. The key thing to remember is that the anti gay  movement in Uganda is getting support from powerful right wing evangelicals like Rick Warren in this country.

Xan Rice in Kampala,  Thursday 21 October 2010 08.56 BST

Human rights activists have warned that the lives of gay people in Uganda are in danger aftera newspaper published a story featuring the names and photographs of 100 homosexuals under the headline: “Hang Them”.

At least one woman named in the story has been forced to leave her home after neighbours pelted it with stones, while several others have been verbally abused, according to the campaign group Sexual Minorities Uganda.

The article appeared earlier this month in the Rolling Stone newspaper, a new weekly title started by journalism graduates. Its publication came just days before the first anniversary of the introduction to parliament of a controversial anti-homosexuality bill that calls for the death penalty for those convicted of repeated same-sex relations, and life imprisonment for others.

Inspired at least in part by a group of US evangelicals with close links to Uganda, the bill was heavily promoted by a few preachers and politicians. Its progress through parliament was stalled after an international outcry, though it has not been scrapped.

Gay activists in Uganda say the proposed legislation has fuelled hate speech and created a climate of fear among homosexuals. The media have played a strong role in this.”

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