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“Inexplicable Disappearance Of A Village In The Qinling Mountains” – UFO Village Vanishing?

Breaking news update from Before It’s News.

Reports are coming out of China that an entire village/town may have disappeared after an UFO event there in the last few days. It is also being suggested that the Chinese Military has sealed off the area. Incredible as it seems the reports themselves appear genuine enough – but they are written in very broken English or Chinese and difficult to understand. Do they mean destroyed? Do they mean ‘disappeared’? Just what is happening at Qinling? Some of the blog posts and message board posts contain expressions which when translated read “I have heard, yesterday at 4 am, a village in the Qinling Mountains at the end, all disappeared overnight! … … There are a large number of troops sealed off the scene … …”

“October 10th at ten o’clock, Xianyang many people, and they saw in the sky several unknown luminous body in constant rotation, but can not find the light source, and everyone felt very strange.
Xianyang reporters into the sky to see the two circular rotating in constant light, white light has been given, and everyone said that this phenomenon has been going on for a very long time.”

Astonishing video footage can be seen which has been posted alongside these messages and can be viewed by simply clicking ‘read more’ below, or on the article title. We’re having a difficult time translating the blog posts which are in Chinese and so our response time may be a little slower than usual but rest assured we will be updating this article throughout today and tomorrow until some definitive conclusions can be reached.

The astonishing video posted along with the ‘Missing Town’ and UFO stories coming out of China right now is below.

To read the complete post click here.

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