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Arnold Schwarzenegger Gives A Stunning Speech On Corporate Greed

In kind of a followup to our last post we offer this story about a speech given by Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger last Sunday.  Given who he is and what he’s saying this should have been a big news story but I heard about it 4 days later on a English news site The Independent.

By Guy Adams, The Foreign Desk, Thursday, 30 September 2010 at 7:45 am

“It’s never been easy to take Arnold Schwarzenegger’s chitchat about climate change all that seriously, given his ownership of Hummers (see token archive pic, left) and habit of commuting from Los Angeles to Sacramento, via private jet, to carry out duties as Governor of California.

Yet on Sunday night, in the twilight of what many consider a wasted eight years in office, the Governator delivered perhaps the most memorable, and certainly one of the most heartfelt speeches of this or any other recent mid-term election season.

Speaking at a conference in Silicon Valley, he described in detail the underhand efforts of two Texan oil companies to derail his efforts to reduce California’s ludicrous carbon footprint, which despite the virtually endless local supply of clean and free sunlight and wind, is amongst the highest per capita in the world.

The two firms, Valero and Tesoro, have spent tens of millions of dollars on a misleading PR campaign to persuade the Califorrnian electorate to vote on election day in November to effectively abolish a green energy bill.”

To read the entire post click here.

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