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The Amazing Science of Turning Carbon Dioxide into Concrete

Here’s a story I came across on Current TV which came from a site called environmentalgraffiti

“A new technology exists that can turn CO2 into concrete and it’s here now. This green technology solution can eliminate 100% of the CO2 pollution produced by a coal plant and turn it into concrete. Calera, a California start up, is one of the few companies at the forefront of this new green solution. The process, in a nutshell, takes the CO2 that would normally be pumped into the air and pumps it into sea water. Through “mineralization via aqueous precipitation”, the CO2 is turned into a substance that can replace Portland cement which is the key man made catalytic ingredient used to make concrete. So, instead of coal power plants pumping CO2 pollution into the air, perhaps they can create building materials

To read the entire post click here.

It intrigued me but the story seemed a little thin so I went in search of confirmation. At Gigaom I found this very exciting story from a couple of months ago.

“Calera Corp., a startup working to capture emissions from industrial flues and recycle it into pavement and building materials, has made it to the second phase of a competitive government program for carbon capture projects. The Department of Energy announced on Thursday that it will invest nearly $19.9 million in stimulus funds to help Calera design, build and deploy a system for churning out carbon-fed cement and aggregates at pilot scale.

Already backed by at least $50 million from Khosla Ventures and $15 million from coal giant Peabody Energy, 3-year-old Calera now ranks among group of only six companies selected for the latest phase of this program, out of the original dozen awarded DOE grants for the first phase. This marks a vote of confidence for Calera and the other companies that the DOE considers their projects and tech most promising for commercial deployment, DOE spokesperson Tiffany Edwards told us today.”

To read the full story click here.

Ironically enough the current methods of producing concrete is an environmental nightmare that also adds to carbon emissions as we see in this video
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