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Frank Lloyd Wright The “Bootleg” Homes In Oak Park

These three houses designed by Wright stand next to each other on Chicago Ave. just west of his home/studio. They were designed by Wright in 1892/3 while he was still working for Adler & Sullivan and not supposed to be doing any outside work. Ergo the term bootleg is applied to them.

Although I’ve lived in the Oak Park area more than fifty years it wasn’t until this spring that I appreciated the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. One of the twentieth centuries greatest architects Mr. Wright had his home and home here and the village has over two dozen examples of his work, from a water fountain to a church. This spring I wanted to get out, after a long winter of being in the house, and do a lot of walking.

At the same time I was starting this new YouTube channel OakParkVideo. When looking around for clips to put on a Frank Lloyd Wright playlist I really didn’t find a lot of his Oak Park homes. So (light bulb) time I thought why not combine the walks w/ doing a series of videos on The Oak Park Homes of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Beyond the works of Frank Lloyd Wright the village is home to many other beautiful homes. Including a number designed by disciples of Wright’s prairie school style of design. It is well worth coming out and spending a day just walking or better yet bike riding around and enjoying all the village has to offer.

Here is a link to a listing of all of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Oak Park homes. http://www.oprf.com/flw/index-walk.html

Here is a link to the Frank Loyd Wright Preservation Trust where you can get all kinds of information on tours. http://www.gowright.org/

The Wikipedia entry on Wright is fairly extensive it is also well worth checking out. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Frank_Lloyd_Wright_works

This series is presented by OakParkVideo & MindsiMedia. We have several channels on YouTube and other video sharing outlets you can access all of them from our web portal at http://www.mindsimedia.info/ You can also link up to our Pandora radio stations our Facebook & Cafe Press presences our blog and much more.

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