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Time For A New Direction For America. A 4 Point Plan & Why We Need It.

Can we not admit that the ship of state is somewhat out of control, of the people? From Wall Street to Kabul to the Gulf of Mexico we see the large corporations that corrupted the political system with the wheel firmly in hand. The will of the people has been stymied and they are heading us for the rocks. Because when it all comes down to it it dosne’t matter to them because they’ll make more money off crashing the ship.

Now let’s go back almost thirty years from some more wisdom from Ronald Reagan

“Now, I’ve painted a pretty grim picture, but I think I’ve painted it accurately. It is within our power to change this picture, and we can act with hope. There’s nothing wrong with our internal strengths. There has been no breakdown of the human, technological, and natural resources upon which the economy is built.
Based on this confidence in a system which has never failed us, but which we have failed through a lack of confidence and sometimes through a belief that we could fine-tune the economy and get it tuned to our liking, I am proposing a comprehensive four-point program. Now, let me outline in detail some of the principal parts of this program. You’ll each be provided with a completely detailed copy of the entire program.”

Now Here We Propose Our New Four Point Plan:

Stop Waging Wars;

The current posture of extending American military commitments overseas has been a central part of our foreign policy since the end of world war two. It has been a failed policy in which we find ourselves being bled to death fighting enemies that we have for the most created. And we are continually selling out the very ideals that supposedly give us the moral authority to intervene endlessly in countries that pose no threat to us.

Go Green;

The biggest threat to our national, environmental and economic security is our dependence on access to “cheap oil”. The best way to solve all three problems is the rapid development of renewable energy resources. Particular attention should be given to local/neighborhood power generation. Decentralized less vulnerable to attack or mass failures like blackouts. And think of the jobs that would be created in developing these new technologies. With an ever growing amount of our energy resources coming from the sun or wind we have less strategic excuse for needing to secure the middle east.

Single Payer;

The United States needs to once join the rest of the developed world in finding a way to provide health care to all people without having to take twenty per cent off the top to companies that serve no function other than to generate a profit without producing anything.

This is my platform I’m not running for anything but want to sell this platform to you my friends, the American people and the politicians in Washington. For the past two and a half years I’ve been experimenting with Internet video with MindsiMedia a web site and series of stations on YouTube and other video sharing stations. And this is where the experiment becomes something. Here is where MindsiMedia will become an active campaigner for this contract and will come together to build awareness and support for it.

1Future21 is a voice for this contract. Here we will explore the technologies and policies that can help us go green. One of our other stations Mindsi2 shows what the consequnces have been for our increased militarization over the past half century. And both stations will help spread the word about our current health care system and the advatages and savings of going to a single payer system.

End Corporate Welfare: Look how we’ve propped up the oil industry over the last thirty years. And how little we received in return and how much we now have to pay to partici[ate in their near monopoly. And that’s just one glaring example of the corrupt welfare state we have erected to America’s newest citizens the corporations.

Here is former NSC member John Stockwell on the Reagan Revolution:

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