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On the Verge of Collapse

From CommonDreams.org:

“Obama is like a rock climber in trouble on a sheer face, extended beyond himself, no ascending hand-hold in sight. But from the Gulf of Mexico to the Persian Gulf, the environmental and military crises overlap to create an urgency which itself defines the next move. Obama must engender a new American consensus. The public debates are familiar enough – energy policy, troop withdrawal timetables – but the context within which they will reach crescendo is unprecedented. Washington pols cavil as ever, oil execs gush the usual denial, and the military brass equivocates on. But the nation itself is in a profoundly different place than last winter, that fickle season of political hope. This summer the American character will show itself for what it has become. So, too, the American president. Now, actually, Barack Obama’s presidency begins. Fainting is not an option.”

To Read the entire post click here.

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