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Atomic Fireballs Live 1991, Best Damn Garage Band You Never Heard Of

New from ChicagoRock1:

Although their repitore was slim and they only played three gigs take a look at this video and come away saying “goddamn these guys had the spirit” The septet featured the swirling organ, sharp harp, and tambourine attack of Bob Bucholz, Tom Hughes & Mike Beyer on guitar, a rhythm section of Mike Methe on bass and Tom Lundeen on drums. And of course the cream in the coffee the volcanic vocal styling’s and unique world view of Mr. Blair Gauntt. They lay down a sound that is part Stooges part Doors part Question Mark & the Mysterians and all their own. Alas it’s an old rock and roll tale of too many strong egos for one stage to hold and the boys never really got all the way out of the garage. Which is a pity because it would have been interesting to hear their sound develop.
In this clip we present two originals from their Batteries Not Included show March 1991. First a beyond frantic version of “There’s a Place” followed by the swirling and majestic ” Western Skies”.
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