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Relight My Fire w/ Blaze Star Featuring Per Olund Band & MCVulcano

New from our “sinema” site SilkSpot:

So I had this clip of Blaze Star but didnt really like the music so went to the InternetArchive to see what I could find that would work and came across the music of the Per Olund Band & MCVulcano and I found two songs that worked just fine. Then I had a little more music than video so what started out a vouyeristic view of Ms. Starrs bedtime routine turns into something more.
The Blaze Starr video is available here;
The music includes two tracks from Chaos – Per Olund Band & MCVulcano
The Pain Is Mine & Your Pain Is Mine
The Bomb blast from the FreeSoundProject by IFartInUrGeneralDirection (http://www.freesound.org/usersViewSingle.php?id=384275)
LOUD_BLAST.wav (http://www.freesound.org/samplesViewSingle.php?id=82514)

This video is presented by SilkSpot and MindsiMedia. SilkSpot is grateful for the support of Risque Café 3419 N. Clark Chicago. They feature the three essentials of life sex (see their cinema of sleaze), drugs (over 200 beers, bourbons) and rock and roll. Wait they also have great food specializing in Bbq. Check out their web site http://www.risquechicago.com/ And get out of the house and enjoy some good old fashioned actual reality!
We have several channels on YouTube and other video sharing outlets you can access all of them from our web portal at http://www.mindsimedia.info/ You can also link up to our blog, Pandora radio stations and other outposts of ours on the Internet.

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