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Memorial Day 2010 And The Realities Of The Causes Of War

I originaly posted this on Current.com:

The day before Memorial Day I was engaged in an online debate about war. I was questioning the legitimacy of the war in Iraq when a serviceman posted a response where he felt insulted that I would be doing something like this on this weekend. And this was my response.

“Jason it is because I honor your service as well as the service of the members of my family and all that Americans that are serving endless deployments in Iraq & Afghanistan as well as those who have died in other wars that I think we should honestly examine why we find ourselves nation building on the other side of the world.

Maybe those people you encounter wouldn’t be so glad to see you if we hadn’t helped a brutal dictator like Sadam get and maintain power. After the Iranian revolution we encouraged and aided him in his brutal invasion of Iran. Power that included weapons of mass destruction that we know he used. That we knew were destroyed before we invaded. Maybe they wouldn’t be so glad to see us if we hadn’t tricked him into invading Kuwait and then left him in power while punishing the population.  They’ve been so screwed over for the past fifty years they’d be happy to see anyone.

Maybe if the western powers hadn’t spent the first 60 years of the 20th century drawing up the map of the Middle East we wouldn’t be over there. These aren’t conspiracy theories it’s history. If we’d just let these people determine what their own countries and government should be (the right of self determination) you might not have to over there serving.

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