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Neon Cocktail Anyone? Vintage Neon Signs In Chicagos Western Suburbs

Now that warm weather has returned to the Chicagos western suburbs its time to get outside. So we here at OakParkVideo have three series were working on right now. We have just posted our eighth clip in our examination of the areas homes of prairie school architech Frank Lloyd Wright. Our sixth in a series that tracks a garden as it blooms and develops over the months is being posted today. And here we have another in our look at the surviving neon signs in the Chicago area. Leos Liquors in Brookfield and Suburban Liquors in Forest Park.
The music in the background is from FreeSoundProject:
By schluppipuppie (http://www.freesound.org/usersViewSingle.php?id=4942)cymbal_lo03.wav
I have been photographing neon signs for almost twenty five years and having a place to present some of these photos is what brought me to the Internet and here to YouTube. We have a couple of collections of neon sign clips at our MindsiMedia YouTube station.
We also have a photo gallery of neon at our web portal.

This series is presented by OakParkVideo & MindsiMedia. We have several channels on YouTube and other video sharing outlets you can access all of them from our web portal at http://www.mindsimedia.info/ You can also link up to our blog, Pandora radio stations and other outposts of ours on the Internet.

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